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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you consider important aspects of the construction process?
    How Does Tabor/Bruce work to control costs?
    How do you feel about Design build as a project delivery method?
    Is Tabor/Bruce insured?
    What is your process in delivery of services?

    What do you consider important aspects of the construction process?

    Clear communication between clients, the contractor, and the architect is a very important aspect of the construction process. We strive to make sure the communication between all parties is well met through frequent visitations of the site and weekly meetings involving the owner, architect, and contractor.

    How Does Tabor/Bruce work to control costs?

    Estimate cost effective management with clients to stay within budget achieved through Cost controls are something we prefer to have established before we break ground. Listening to our client and always remembering the budget only works to a close extent, we prefer to involve our team members and our experience in keeping tabs on the design and budget limits. We truly work to meet your expectations of the project and determine early during the design phase the best value engineering decisions for cost savings. 

    How do you feel about Design build as a project delivery method?

    We feel that the team approach to design projects allows us to achieve innovative and cost effective solutions. Our commitment and integrity will allow us to work as a partner with any construction team you assemble.

    Is Tabor/Bruce insured?

    Although our firm is small, we do carry errors and omissions as well as liability insurance. These are policies generally utilized by larger architectural-engineering firms because of the great expense in premiums. We feel the expense is offset by the comfort that carrying the policy brings to our clients. We do not carry this as a safeguard, we view this policy as one might view a life insurance policy; it is something we do not want to rely upon. We truly feel that three components are a vital part of avoiding errors. 

    1. Programming
    2. Document coordination 
    3. Communication 
    We have existed for over 40 years as a professional architecture firm and not once have we needed to defend a claim for errors or omissions in court, or to our insurance carrier. Our firm doesn't claim to produce a "perfect" set of construction documents; that claim we don't believe, can be made. Understanding the lack of perfect drawings, what we do is to apply systems of document checks within the office and timely functions during the course of the project such as RFI's (request for information), site observations and shop drawings. 

    Our carrier for Professional Liability is G.W. Flynn of the D.P.I.C Companies. DPIC is a proactive company, that provides training for our staff and guidance to avoid the need to bring forth a claim. We are better architects for you, because of them. 

    What is your process in delivery of services?

    Our small firm dedication to our clients coupled with our large firm expertise is guided by two principals who manage and participate in the day-to-day activities of each project within the firm. We don't hand off our projects to someone that you won't meet. The key people in our firm not only draw your project; they are out in the field during construction, following the project through completion, which allows for consistent, easy to reach contact through the entire project. 

    Tabor/Bruce has an excellent track record for performing work in a timely manner and within construction budgets. We provide our clients with professional services that exceed their own expectations for accuracy, time constraints, and costs.


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